Wine production



The basic line of wines. Wines in this series are made in batches of 3,000 liters. Red wines are aged in oak-acacia wooden barrels and white wines in stainless steel containers.



A number of wines that have aged for several months, even years in acacia wooden barrels made of Moravian wood, size 550 to 600 liters. In these series, you will find unique wines in small batches whose production method is based on manual work.




The grapes from which the wine originates grew and matured in the vineyard, whose location has been carefully selected with regard to the specific demands of this variety. Thanks to proper care throughout the year, the grapes reach the highest quality. Processing the grapes using original practices - already used by our ancestors - the wine gets full and distinctive flavor. In the course of the winemaking, apart from the necessary SO2, no other ingredients that fundamentally affect the character of the wine were used. All handling is carried out predominantly by gravity.

Wine matures until barrel-maturity in wooden barrels, specially made for given variety. We do not use modern winemaking technology nor controlled fermentation or selected yeast, wine acquires its quality especially by the right treatment with fine sediments, which are absolutely necessary for its development.

Variety is the mother of wine, land and location are the father and the year is its destiny.