We are convinced that wine is a living organism which can tell itself when it needs a helping hand in its development and when you need to give it a rest and plenty of time so that each variety could helped itself out spontaneously in each year and without stressful and accelerating invasive interventions.

Jakub Zborovský

The grapes which we create the wine from comes from our own vineyards, located largely in the vicinity of Vrbice and partly in Velke Pavlovice.

For each variety, we chose the most suitable location with regard to their demands on soil type, habitat slope, air flow and other equally important factors that we had to take into account while founding a good vineyard.

We take care of our vineyards with regard to long-term sustainability and diversity of animal and plant species in our countryside. We consider it necessary to promote the natural functions of agroecosystems which are directly or indirectly affected by agricultural production. We are aware of the fact that we need to combine our requirements in the vineyard and at the same time keep the soil full of life, so that it could adequately serve future generations.



VOC Modré Hory

Wines of original certification (VOC) are produced from specific varieties typical for the region and wine grapes come only from carefully selected wine trails. This rigorous selection gives the wines unique characteristics, reflecting their terroir in aroma and taste. Assessing whether this or that wine meets the VOC character performs winemakers themselves.

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